Red Onion, Green Apple

The mixture of red onion aroma with the fruity apple acidity is amazing. When hydrated in olive oil, combines deliciously with goat cheese, honey, sweet potatoes, Basil, either in starters or seasoned salads with balsamic vinegar.

Green, Red Pepper

The colors, flavors and textures of peppers give life to any Salad. After absorbing the oil or sauce, these small colorful and delicious pieces will complement any meat or fish dish.

Tomato, Olives

We delight ourselves with this avocado tapa (picture 2), fillet sardines, basil and olive oil or shitake mushrooms with rosemary (Image 3). This mixture fits perfectly in a salad or a pasta dish with fresh herbs.

Orange, Rosemary

The mixture of sweet pieces of the buds and the bitter orange peel merge with the aroma of rosemary. When connected in a salad (image 3) or a meat dish (image 2), it will be hard to resist this citric temptation.

Lemon, Pistachio

This is our little secret to turn an ice cream, or a Greek yogurt in a delight from heaven. The pieces of acid lemon, together with the warm pistachios, form a harmonious taste when involved.

Strawberry, Lime

Sweet rolled strawberries with crunchy and acid lime bits acquire a smooth texture and a superb contrast of flavors when dipped in ice cream or Greek yogurt. They fit perfectly in a spinach salad with walnuts and feta cheese.

Raspberry, Caramelized Almond

This is the little secret to turn an ice cream, or a greek yogurt in a delight from heaven. The raspberry pieces, together with the warm caramelized almonds for a harmonious taste when involved.

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