We present (the brand) um grama, younger sister of O Melhor do Ribatejo. During our search for the best products of Ribatejo, we got inspired by the richness/wealth of the Portuguese west coast land and sea.

The hardiness of customs, preserving ancestral practices country culture, result in exquisite agriculture.

We found wonderful fruits and dehydrated vegetables from organic production, cheeses and wines that led us to heaven.

We have prepared a very careful selection, where the fruit mixture, vegetables and spices intersect in a surprisingly delicious manner, linking colors, textures and aromas.

Authentic and genuine Portuguese flavors.

As a tribute to the Portuguese people and to our traditions, we selected figures that illustrate and give life to our packaging, stuffed of entertaining dialogues with hilarious translations.

We highly value what is ours and the work of our artisans.

Here, everything is done in Portugal.

Dried fruit and vegetables

Drying technique using smaller caliber fruits and vegetables. One of the oldest food preservation methods, the evaporation of the water also allows for a concentration of flavour, fiber and nutrients.



– No added sugar
– 100% natural
– No dyes os preservatives


Meet O melhor do Ribatejo
olive oil, hot sauce, jam, honey, flavored salt, tea