Goat and Sheep Cheese
in olive oil, with rose pepper

handcrafted preserve

Preserved mackerel with
red onion and coriander

handcrafted preserve

2 Pack dried fruit and vegetables
1 – Salads and Appetizers
2 – Cheese and Appetizers
Pack dried fruit and vegetables
Cork support included
4 dof 8 options

1 – Red Onion, Green Apple / 2 – Green, Red Pepper / 3 – Tomato, Olives / 4 – Beet, Laminated Almond / 5 – Orange, Rosemary / 6 – Rocha Pear, Pistachio / 7 – Strawberry, Lime / 8 – Raspberry, Caramelized Almond

Red Onion, Green Apple
appetizers, salad, cheese
Tomato, Olives
appetizers, pasta, salad, cheese
Orange, Rosemary
appetizers, salad, cheese
Strawberry, Lime
yogurt, icecream, salad
Green, Red Pepper
cheese, salad, appetizers
Beet, Laminated Almond
soup, salad
Rocha Pear, Pistachio
appetizer, salad, icecream
Raspberry, Caramelized Almond
salad, desert
Meet O melhor do Ribatejo
olive oil, hot sauce, jam, honey, flavored salt, tea